i am a senior research scientist at microsoft research in new york city, where my work in the area of computational social science involves applications of statistics and machine learning to large-scale social data. i am also an adjunct assistant professor in columbia university's applied math department and i run the microsoft research data science summer school to promote diversity in computer science. i was previously a member of the social dynamics group at yahoo! research. i received my ph.d. from columbia university's physics department. see my curriculum vitae for more information.

this site serves several purposes, from presenting and organizing my current research and teaching efforts to publishing code and tips that i hope others will find useful.

i bookmark lots of references on pinboard, occasionally tweet things, post random tidbits on tumblr, and share photos on flickr.

latest tips

my latest geek tips, also available on twitter, tumblr, or as plain text:

apache applescript awk bash bibtex c c++ consumer css cu cvs debian emacs excel firefox flickr gcc gentoo ggplot git gmail google grammar graphviz hadoop html idvd imagemagick iphone iphoto ipod irc itunes java javascript juypter keynote latex lifehack linux mac macosx markdown matlab meta mobile mturk mysql network networking perl php python quicktime razr rss rstats rsync ruby safari search sed sge shell silverlight sms sql ssh svn test trac treo unix use video windows word wordpress x11 xml latex: single space an itemize list with \itemsep0em (h/t @dggoldst) use 03.30.19 11:42 use theme(axis.title.x = element_blank()) to remove space used for a blank x axis http://bit.ly/2V4ICvf latex: use the makecell package for easy line breaks / new lines within a table http://bit.ly/2UY0Z5h markdown: pandoc will pass latex through to final document http://bit.ly/2N454BJ rstats: download a zip file, extract and read a file within it http://bit.ly/2UNOite